Hawks Baseball 2020 (incomplete)



3/2/20 Monday @ NE Carolina Prep Varsity Conference Game

3/3/20 Tuesday @Ravenscroft  Varsity 4:30pm

3/5/20 Thursday HOST: Franklin Academy JV TBD

3/5/20 Thursday @Trinity of Durham-Chapel Hill  Varsity 4:15pm

3/6/20 Friday @Ravenscroft Middle School 4:30p

3/7/20 Saturday @ Richmond Patriots Varsity DH

3/9/20 Monday @New Life Camp JV (exhibition) 5:00 2623 Sanderford Rd, Raleigh NC 5:00

3/10/20 Tuesday @Endeavor Charter Middle School 4:00

3/12/20 Thursday @Southern Wake Academy  Middle School Conference Game TBD 

3/14/20 Saturday @Cardinal Gibbons JV (exhibition) (DH) 12pm

3/16/20 Monday Middle School @Thales-Apex Conference Game TBD

3/16/20 Monday @Ravenscroft Varsity 6:30pm

3/17/20 Tuesday @Thales Academy Rolesville Middle School Conf Game 4pm

3/17/20 Tuesday @Durham Academy Varsity 4:30p

3/19/20 Thursday @Grace Christian Academy Varsity TBD

3/20/20 Friday @Wilson Christian Academy JV (exhibition) 4pm; Varsity 6:30pm

3/20/19 Friday @Durham Academy Middle School 4:30p

3/23/20 Monday @Cary Academy Middle School 4pm

3/23/20 Monday @SW Edgecombe JV (exhibition) 4:30; Varsity 7pm

3/24/20 Tuesday HOST: Southern Wake Academy – Varsity Conf Game TBD

3/26/20 Thursday @Pilot Mill JV (exhibition) TBD

3/27/20 Friday @Ravenscroft Middle School 4:30p

3/27/20 Friday HOST: Grace Christian Academy  VarsityTBD

3/28/20 Saturday @Roxboro Comm School  MS 10am; JV (exhibition) 12:30p; Varsity 3:00pm

3/30/20 Monday HOST: Wayne Prep JV (exhibition) TBD

3/31/20 Tuesday HOST: Southern Wake Academy –Middle School Conf Game TBD

3/31/20 Tuesday @Southern Wake Academy – Varsity Conf Game TBD



4/2/20 Thursday @Cary Christian Middle School 4:00p

4/2/20 Thursday @Cary Academy Varsity 6:30p

4/2/20 Thursday @New Life Camp(v) JV (exhibition) 4201 Green Rd, Raleigh NC 5pm

4/3/20 Friday @Trinity of Durham Chapel Hill Varsity 4:30pm

4/6/20 Monday @South Johnston HS JV (exhibition) 4:00; Varsity 7:00p

4/7/20 Tuesday @Ravenscroft Middle School 4:30p

4/7/20 Tuesday @Franklin Academy JV (exhibition) TBD

4/7/20 Tuesday HOST: NE Carolina Prep Varsity Conference Game TBD

4/9/20 Thursday HOST: New Life Camp Middle School TBD

4/9/20 Thursday HOST: Wake County Warriors JV (exhibition) TBD

4/11/20 Saturday S Johnston HS Easter Tourney Varsity TBD

4/13/20 Monday S Johnston HS Easter Tourney Varsity TBD

4/14/20 Tuesday S Johnston HS Easter Tourney Varsity TBD

4/14/20 Tuesday @Cary Academy JV (exhibition) 5pm

4/14/20 Tuesday HOST: Endeavor Charter Middle School 4:00p

4/17/20 Friday @Cary Academy Middle School 4:00p

4/17/20 Friday @Wilson Christian Academy JV (exhibition): Varsity 4pm 6:30pm

4/18/20 Saturday Public School vs. Home School – Fleming Stadium Varsity TBD

4/18/20 Saturday @Cardinal Gibbons JV (exhibition) TBD

4/20/20 Monday @Bethel Christian Varsity TBD

4/20/20 Monday HOST: Thales-Apex  Middle School Conference Game TBD

4/21/20 Tuesday HOST: Trinity of Durham-Chapel Hill Middle School TBD

4/23/20 Thursday @Wake County Warriors JV (exhibition); Varsity TBD

4/24/20 Friday @Cary Christian School Varsity 4:00p

4/24/20 Friday HOST: Thales Academy-Rolesville – Middle School Conf Game TBD

4/25/20 Saturday HOST: SE Home School Cardinals (v) JV (exhibition); VarsityTBD

4/27/20 Monday @Cary Academy JV (exhibition) 5:00p

4/27/20 Monday @Trinity of Durham-Chapel Hill Middle School 4:15

4/28/20 Tuesday HOST: Pilot Mills JV (exhibition) TBD



5/1/20 Friday @Wayne Prep 4pm JV (exhibition)

5/4/20 Monday Conference Playoff Week MS & Varsity

5/11/20 Monday STATE PLAYOFF WEEK Varsity


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